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50 ohm Resistor

The 50 ohm Resistor is used in conjunction with a T-Series Transformer to improve the operation of select Low Voltage LED Spots: Caliber, Mag 1, Mag 2, and Titan M with Uniplug. The resistor reduces inrush current to the fixture and improves dimming performance. Order (1) resistor per Transformer as needed. T-600 requires (2) resistors due to 2X300W circuits.
    Molded construction metal housed ceramic resistor with 6” wire leads, made for high performance applications.
    The resistor must be installed by a qualified electrician, wired across the secondary 12V output terminals of the T-series Transformer (T-60/T-150/T-300/T-600). The resistor may be wired and placed within the transformers wiring compartment housing. Please refer to the installation instructions.
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