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A unique aesthetic and quality product is realized through the eyes of 4 great designers.
The real wood veneer donates warmth through color and texture of nature.

Bruck Lighting has always innovated with a keen eye of talent and design.

From the deep South of the Western Hemisphere, each WEPLIGHT (Wood Ecological Project) was designed with an individual spirit of the Andes Mountains, glacial lakes and Pampas grassland of Argentina. A technical wood veneer developed for strength and flexibility to create a work of art in a variety of style and size.

Handcrafted Design

The natural characteristics of materials and the technological procedures influence the appearance of the project

Specific features of manufacture and high proportion of manual work are the factors which determine the originality of the lamps.

WEP Lighting Handcrafted material
WEP Lighting Colors

Plethora of color combinations

WEPLIGHTs  are offered with a plethora of color combinations. You may choose an interior and a separate exterior color option.