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New Releases

  • new-releases-left-outdoor-square
    Outdoor Square
    Keep the party going after dark
    Introducing Outdoor Square Sconces, the perfect companion to our round outdoor sconces. They are IP65 rated, come in two sizes and a variety of beam angle options.
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  • new-releases-left-lx-pro
    LX Pro
    All New
    LX Pro has up to 3600 delivered lumens, 10° yo 50° precision optics and a range of technologies and special features. What else do you need?
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  • new-releases-left-after-8
    after 8
    Guess who's back?
    With a 1/4" width, After 8 Pendant is a statement piece that is sure to wow even the most cynical of critics.
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  • new-releases-left-microline
    micro but mighty
    Straight or wall wash, rigid or flexible, there is a Microline for you. This ultra slim cove light is as versale as it is descrete.
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  • new-releases-left-moto-40
    moto 40
    good things come in small packages
    This tiny motorized spot has 90° tilt and 350° motorized rotation, perfect for just about any application.
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  • new-releases-left-moto-40
    moto 68
    motorized spot
    With mototized movment and beam shaping, MOTO 68 is really great. With a specally designed MEVO Stucchi adapter, this fixture will always be looking good.
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Product Galleries

Spark you imagination and creativity with our galleries, filled with endless sources of inspriation. You can find examples of our techrative fixtures hard at work, illuminated all types of spaces.

Product Series

  • home-product-families-lx-pro
    lx pro series
    When only perfection will do
    LX Pro is our star luminaire, the epitome of Innovation Integrated. We offer each of our LED technologies and many optical options, including dynamic zoom and more. LX Pro comes in our standard colors and any custom RAL color. The limit does not exist with LX Pro.
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  • home-product-families-gx-series
    gx series
    The Essential Cylinder
    When you need a high-quality, economical fixture that works, GX is your choice. With limited options, the GX Series is our bread-and-butter line. With sizes ranging from 2" to 4", the GX Series comes in pendant, track, surface, or monopoint.
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  • home-product-families-wep
    Wood Ecological Project
    Sustainably beautiful, the WEP Light Collection is realized through the eyes of its talented designers. The real, locally sourced, reclaimed wood comes in countless combinations. The natural characteristics of the wood & sustainable techniques inspire each WEPlight. A balanced manufacturing practice blended with handcrafted carpentry brings light & life to the product. From the hearts and souls of the designers, each shade emanates from nature, created with time-honored techniques.
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  • home-product-families-moto
    motolux series
    The future of light is moving
    Our motorized series of lights, Moto Lux, is the gold standard of the lighting world. The Zero series includes tilting up to 90° in each direction and rotating 350°. The Zero-Zoom Series features rotation plus beam shaping control, all powered by Casambi. Add flicker-free dimming and a variety of technologies, and you’ve got the Moto Lux series.
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  • home-product-families-cobra
    cobra series
    Slithering around curves with ease
    Rigid or flexible with precision optics, there is the right Cobra for every project. Cobra provides the right amount of light, indoors or outdoors, without scalloping. Offered in various lengths and CCTs, Cobra has integrated magnets for easy installation. It is ideal for indirect cove illumination to create a wall-grazing effect for columns and curved architectonic surfaces.
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  • home-product-families-skyline
    skyline series
    The sky’s the limit!
    Skyline Outdoor Catenary System is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Able to mount to various surfaces, Skyline is a powerful, decorative system with countless accessories to make it shine. With 780 lumens per fixture, Skyline luminaires are as robust as they are beautiful.
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  • home-product-families-jazz
    jazz series
    Let the rhythm of Jazz be your guide!
    Jazz Series is all about options. Starting with shape, square or round, you then move on to size. Next, choose your mounting, from recessed to pendants to surface mount. Next is color; do you choose one of our standards or a custom RAL color? Then you have CCT, light direction, and so much more!
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  • Standard White Icon
    standard white
    Bruck Lighting's innovative Standard White LED solutions brilliantly fuse flattering tones with efficient performance, bringing out the best in any environment. Standard White is your go to when you need efficient, economical, and reliable lighting.
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  • xicato
    Xicato Cold Remote Phosphor LED technology offers the best sustained color consistency, while offering superior color rendering and TM-30 performance. Xicato is the best for rendering ultra precise, rich colors
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  • warm dim
    Bruck Lighting delivers the warmth of candlelight through our Warm Dim solutions. Synchronized control of intensity and color, along with smooth CCT dimming, creates a cozy environment. Warm Dim is a great option for residential applications, or anywhere that could use that homey feel.
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  • tunable white
    Can't decide what color temperature you might need? Bruck Lighting’s Tunable White has a wide range of CCT options, that can be changed on a whim.
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  • rgbw
    Most lighting manufacturers focus on the RGB, with the White as an afterthought. Our RGBW allows you to choose your white. RGBW is perfect for adding that bit of dramatic flair, while not sacrificing the quality of the white LED.
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